Taco Tuesday ft. bartaco

Thank you to bartaco for having my mom and me and letting us try tons of food. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

Happy Taco Tuesday! I love all types of food but Mexican is my go-to. I think I could honestly eat tacos every day… and thankfully, there are plenty of restaurants to fuel my addiction. During Thanksgiving break, I was lucky enough to try a few of the different dishes from bartaco and I wanted to share my thoughts! Even though I blog mainly about fashion, I love reading posts about food – recipes, restaurant reviews, and more. I’m glad I can finally share one of my own!

Bartaco invited me to try a few dishes after opening their location in Homewood. I took my mom with me as a thank you for being the best photographer… and of course so she could take more photos of the food.

Of course, we had to start with guacamole. My mom and I are both low-key wimps when it comes to spice, so this guac was perfect for us. It was flavorful without being too spicy. Also, the chips were something I’ve never seen before – there were four large tortillas that you could break on your own. Overall, I would 100% recommend this if you’re a fan of guac… but not spice!

Now onto the best part… the tacos. bartaco is family-style and they recommend ordering 3 or 4 tacos per person… Of course my mom and I did. I ordered two chicken tacos (pictured at the left) and I loved them. They had just the right amount of spice + onions, which I normally hate but in this case loved the crunch. I also ordered the fish taco (far right) which was so unlike me. But it was delicious – the fish was fried and it came with a creamy coleslaw that added a great texture. I wanted to be adventurous and I’m so glad I was!

My mom ordered one chicken taco, one ribeye (not pictured), and one chorizo (middle). I took a bite of both of them and asked for her reviews. According to her, the sesame added a great flavor to the ribeye and the chorizo had the perfect amount of spice to it.

Of course, we both got sides. My mom ordered pineapple (her favorite fruit… I’m not a fan) and loved it. My absolute favorite side is Mexican street corn, which is a grilled corn on the cob covered in mayo, cotija cheese, and paprika. I love Mexican street corn and I’m glad I could try their version. I do recommend sharing this side because it came with two full cobs… I’m no quitter, so I ate them both!

Now, I couldn’t order a drink, but my mom got to try one! She ordered the sangria and in her words, it was “fresh, fruity, light, and delicious”.

We had to finish our meal with dessert (of course) so we asked our waitress for her recommendation. She recommended the churros, which were so good. We ate a ton of food this trip, so they were slightly heavy… I would recommend eating a little less if you want to try the churros! They came with a rich chocolate sauce which I loved.

Overall, I loved the whole experience. The restaurant was absolutely beautiful and the food was amazing. Plus, it was nice to sit down and talk with my mom for a few hours. We both agreed this would be the perfect place to come with girlfriends for a girls’ night out.

Thanks again to bartaco for having my mom and me! All opinions are completely my own.

Let me know if you enjoyed reading this kind of post! I have tons of Notes in my phone with mini restaurant reviews (I’ve had a list of my favorite spinach and artichoke dips for years!) so clearly I love this – but I only want to share posts like this if you like them too!

Thank you so much for reading and happy Taco Tuesday!

xoxo, Cecilia

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