Styling Statement Necklaces for Fall

I love statement necklaces, but I usually only wear dainty jewelry. Of course, simple gold bar necklaces are versatile but sometimes I just want something to change my whole outfit. That’s where statement necklaces come in. Scarves might be the most common accessory this season, but today I wanted to share a post all about styling statement necklaces for fall!

For me, fall fashion consists of a few tried-and-true pieces: sweaters, boots, and all of the stripes… To be fair, I find a reason to wear stripes no matter the season. A super easy way to style a statement necklace is by wearing it with a solid colored shirt. I like to take it a step further by wearing mine with a patterned top, whether it’s a striped tee or even a flannel! This makes it look like I put so much more effort into my outfit than I actually did… Which is perfect when it’s colder and I want to spend more time in bed in the morning!

My tip for choosing how to pair your statement necklace with patterns is by finding complementary colors… Not necessarily groundbreaking, but definitely helpful. The navy stripes in my top work perfectly with this necklace without looking too matchy-matchy.

I received this necklace in my Rocksbox last month and it honestly surprised me how much I loved it. I normally stick to delicate jewelry, but after trying this out I’m going to be on the lookout for more statement necklaces! If you’re on the fence about statement necklaces, I recommend trying out Rocksbox! I’ve talked about Rocksbox before, but it’s basically a designer jewelry rental service. If you’ve wanted to try it out, you can use the code “SUNNYSIDECECILIAXOXO” for your first month free. If you want to try this, don’t forget to set a reminder on your phone to cancel the service if you aren’t feeling it.

So, how do you feel about statement necklaces?! Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, Cecilia

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