Styling Patriotic Shirts After the Fourth

The fourth may be over, but don’t pack away your USA shirts just yet! I am all about making smart purchases, and that means wearing clothes for more than just one day. Styling patriotic shirts is so easy when you think of them as graphic tees – perfect in tons of outfits. I’m sharing pictures of one ((couldn’t be easier)) outfit + ideas for other looks!

Outfit Idea #1: USA shirt + jeans + sandalsĀ 

Obviously, this is what I’m wearing in the pictures & this look could not be easier. I picked up this shirt at Target (where else?!) and I like that it isn’t overly “Fourth of July”. I think this look is simple enough to wear whenever + how cute is it knotted?

Outfit Idea #2: USA shirt + high-waisted shorts + sneakersĀ 

Casual outfits are my jam, if you can’t tell. This outfit is actually what I wore on the fourth of July, but it’s also cute enough to wear out in public.

Outfit Idea #3: USA shirt + leggings + boots + flannel

This is the perfect way to transition your summery USA shirt into a fall outfit. I love this look because a lot of my favorite patriotic shirts feature darker reds and blues, which tie in perfectly with flannels.

So what’s your favorite way to style patriotic shirts after the fourth? Let me know!

xoxo, Cecilia

PS: I’m linking a few of my favorite USA shirts below… If you saw one this summer that you’ve been wanting you should pick it up now while it’s on sale before the stores clear out stock entirely!

Patriotic Shirts Under $25

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  1. I love a good red, white and blue look! Such a cute post idea! Patriotic attire definitely doesn’t have to be reserved just for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July!

    1. Thanks so much!! I love this look because now I don’t have to save my shirt for just one or two days a year! And that’s necessary for a girl on a budget lol

  2. I feel like people buy cute patriotic tees but only wear it for the 4th! I love how you showed that you can rep red, white, and blue all year long!
    xo, Syd

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