My Tiny Bag Essentials

Something about carrying a tiny (adorable) purse completely fits my style. Tiny bags are practical, cute, and so popular right now. But with less space means less room, so today I’m sharing my tiny bag essentials!

One thing my mom and I do not have in common is our preference in bags. I leave the house with only a wallet and keys 90% of the time. My mom, on the other hand, uses backpacks, tote bags… Anything with a ton of space. In my opinion, the bigger the bag, the more likely you are to fill it with junk! Even in this small bag, I find myself constantly cleaning out receipts, gum wrappers… you name it. When my bag is this small, I’m more purposeful about what’s in it.

My Purse Essentials 


This one’s a bit self-explanatory… I have a phone wallet on the back of my phone (God bless whoever invented those, right?!) with essential cards, but for carrying cash, extra cards, etc. a wallet is essential. Plus, this one is super cute.


This might not seem like an essential to everyone, but I personally love having mints on me. Especially after drinking coffee… enough said.

Small Beauty Products

A few of the beauty products I consider essential: chapstickponytail holders, maybe bobby pins. I definitely think this is where I can get carried away… If my bag is bigger, you’ll probably also find deodorant and sunscreen!

Rollerball Perfume

Again, not an essential essential, but I love having this specific perfume in my bag. I won this perfume in a giveaway (lucky duck, right?!) and since then I’ve been obsessed. Because it’s a rollerball there’s no issue of spillage and it’s much more convenient to reapply… That way you don’t accidentally spray anyone. (Again, I won this giveaway… This post isn’t sponsored in any way, I just love this perfume and wanted to recommend it! I am planning on repurchasing once mine runs out… Bonus, it’s $12. My scent is Vanilla Cream!)

Also, shoutout to my mom for these pictures because they looked so good! So #blessed to have a mom who takes my photos. 

So, what are your tiny bag essentials? I’d love to know in the comments!

xoxo, Cecilia

Tiny Bags Under $25

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    1. Ahh thank you so much for reading! I love how light my little bag is – definitely a plus! (PS sorry for the late reply lol)

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