Styling Brights for the Summer

Happy happy Tuesday! We are officially halfway through the summer, which means I only have one month before heading back to Auburn. July is going to be capital-B busy, but I want to soak it all in! I’m writing this on a rare Monday not at work, and I am so in my environment. Sipping an iced vanilla coffee at Starbucks, listening to John Mayer… What else could I want to write a blog post?! Bright colors for summer are not a new concept, so today I’m sharing a few of my tips for styling brights to keep them casual instead of loud!

I wouldn’t consider myself someone who’s drawn to bright colors. My closet is filled with neutral tones, olive greens, and black & white stripes… but something about wearing bright pink just screams summer to me.  Here are my tips for styling bright colors for a more casual look!

  1. Stick to one or two bright colors. Some people love filling their outfit with bright colors, and if that’s you, go for that! But for those like me who wear brights less often, choosing one or two bright pieces feels more wearable. For this outfit, I made a statement with a super bright pink top and then added a pair of my favorite turquoise earrings.
  2. Keep other pieces neutral. My shorts are simple denim, and my sandals are a basic brown leather. These neutral touches tone down the bright pink, and they’re pieces I wear every day anyway.
  3. Choose complementary accessories. I am a huge fan of having accessories that tie into each other and the outfit. My favorite watch matches the leather in my sandals, and the pink in my bracelets ties into the pink in my top. Little details like these make an outfit complete in my mind!
  4. Be confident in what you’re wearing. This is even more cliche than wearing bright colors in summer, but there’s a reason everyone says it! Someone rocking a crazy outfit with a smile will appear so much more confident than someone wearing a runway look with a frown. When in doubt, fake it till you make it and act like you’re confident in your outfit until you really are.

Hopefully these tips are helpful next time you’re planning an outfit with bright pieces!

xoxo, Cecilia

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