Five Reasons I’m Smiling

Fourth of July is over, and I’m officially exhausted! I spent the day at the lake with my family, and at night my friends and I went swimming and watched fireworks. To celebrate this awesome (short) week, I’m sharing five reasons I’m smiling today, from my favorite music to upcoming plans. I love these posts with five reasons I’m smiling because they make me stop for a minute and realize how lucky I am, even for little things.

  1. Amazing music. I am officially an Apple Music convert. I used my three free months and am now dutifully paying $5 a month, but it’s so worth it. Of course, I make my own playlists, but I really love listening to albums. My top four albums right now? 1.) Love on the Weekend, John Mayer. 2.) Future Friends, Superfruit 3.) Harry Styles, Harry Styles. 4.) Dopamine, BORNS. These albums are constantly on repeat, and are going to be the soundtrack to summer 2017 in my mind from now on.
  2. Plans with friends. One of my favorite people from Auburn (hi LB!!) is coming to Birmingham this week. I’m taking off Friday (which is a plus on its own, right?!), and I’m excited to be spending the day with her. Our plans will definitely consist of eating, talking, and maybe eating some more.
  3. How to Find Your Soulmate without Losing Your SoulI absolutely love this book! I read a chapter every few days and I always find myself nodding along or marking quotes. I haven’t read any devotionals, but I’ve enjoyed reading this at night as my own kind of devotional.
  4. Riverdale. I’m obsessed with this show. I watched the first season in a week, and of course there’s only one season out so I immediately wanted to rewatch it. The show is a take on the Archie comics with darker twists. It reminds me of a super dramatic show mashed up with a sitcom. The new season is coming out some time next year, and I cannot wait.
  5. My job. I work as a camp counselor, and I love my job! I work with seven to eight-year-old girls, and I’ve been with some of these campers since they were five – three years together. Every day is challenging and exhausting but also rewarding and fun. My coworkers are some of my favorite people, and I know I’m lucky to enjoy my job this much. Summer’s flying by, and I’m glad I’m spending it doing something I truly love.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading five reasons I’m smiling today! I’d love to know a few reasons you’re smiling today!

xoxo, Cecilia

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