The Perfect Blush Tank + Seasonal Styling Tips

Sometimes you don’t know your closet is missing an item until you find it. And that’s what happened with this shirt. I needed to buy a blush top for school, but I was having no luck at all. I had checked the mall and my favorite shopping center without finding anything. Finally, I checked the Target clearance section (aka my home) and found the perfect blush tank for less than $15.

It’s almost August, and even though Alabama summers feel like they last forever, fall eventually comes creeping up. I love buying tank tops for the hot weather, but I also want to be able to layer them when the weather cools down. Today I’ll share how I would transition this tank from summer to fall to winter!

summer: tank + jean shorts + sandals

In the summer, I keep things as simple as possible. It’s hot outside so I don’t want to deal with any layers. This tank has a detailed lace trim (so pretty) so I don’t need a ton of accessories. Today I added my go-to bracelet stack that I wear all the time. For this look I might also add a few dainty necklaces, but in the summer I steer clear of heavy necklaces.

fall: tank + white jeans + denim chambray + wedges

I love the look of white jeans and denim chambray, but when they’re worn alone I feel a little like a horse jockey. To avoid that, I break up the layers with a colorful tank. Wedges are perfect in the summer and they elongate your legs. I can’t wait to try this outfit when the weather isn’t insanely hot – it will be so cute for a day walking around.

winter: tank + jeans + cardigan + boots

I think my perfect winter outfit is wearing anything with a cardigan and boots. The blush color of this tank would pair beautifully with any color cardigan. My favorite cardigan is a thick gray one, and the warmer the cardigan, the less layers you’ll need! In Alabama, a cardigan is enough for most days so you won’t have to worry about bringing an extra jacket.

I’ve said before that when I buy a piece of clothing I think of three outfits I can wear. Today I’m switching it up a bit and thinking of three seasons to transition the piece into. If you aren’t sure how much wear you’ll get out of an item, I encourage you to use this method!

xoxo, Cecilia

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