Blogging BTS: Photography Routine

I’m not sure why, but some of my favorite blog posts to read are posts about blogging. It may be because before I started blogging, I read tons of them. I’m a big fan of learning everything I can about a subject before I pursue it. Maybe that’s why I bookmarked dozens of blogging posts before I even had a blog name! I also just love reading about other people’s blogging routines. Whether it’s a full-time blogger who spends a day shooting looks or a part-time blogger who takes pictures whenever they have the chance, I love learning what other people do! I’ve already shared my blogging routine, so hopefully this post gives you a sneak peek into my photography routine and is informative or entertaining (or both! Both is always good!)


My planning process for photos starts with writing my plans for future blog posts. To plan photos, I take a look in my closet and think of outfits I’ve actually worn recently. I love versatile pieces, so I also spend time thinking of different combinations of outfits! I write all of my post plans in my bullet journal ahead of time, and as I think of outfits, I add those details in.

the night before

The night before I take blog photos (Friday night), is my big night to get ready. I shower, let my hair air dry, and paint my nails. I plan last minute outfits, begin putting my clothes together, and put my accessories (jewelry, watches, etc.) in different bags. All of my shoes and accessories go into a tote bag, and I leave my shirts and dresses on their hangers. I always try to go to sleep earlier than usual, because I have an early alarm the next day!

the morning of

In the morning I wake up around 7 AM. Not the best way to start a Saturday, but once I drink some coffee and turn on my favorite YouTube videos, I’m good to go. I straighten my hair and put on my makeup, then I finish up last minute details. Sometimes I’m not as organized as I’d like, so the morning of includes putting together a few extra outfits. I check my camera (Canon EOS REBEL T3i) for charge and for its memory card. Then, I get in the car with my mom and we head to the Summit!

taking photos

The Summit is my favorite place to take pictures for plenty of reasons. The background of the pictures have beautiful flowers, neutral walls, and more. This makes all of my pictures flow in my Instagram feed, which I’m a big fan of. Also, the Summit doesn’t open until around 10 AM, so when I get there around 8:30, I have at least an hour of pictures without strangers in the background! For each outfit I make sure to take full outfit pictures, detail shots, and a couple candids… The candid pictures always end up my favorites.

My mom is a great photographer and we always have tons of fun. Plus, as the Summit starts filling up, we see tons of dogs and children. Last time we took photos, a group of girls on a birthday scavenger hunt asked me to do the YMCA with them for bonus points. Of course I did it!

We take about 7-9 outfit photos at a time, and I plan them based on my outfit changes. For example, if I have three outfits with jean shorts, I take those photos in order, changing my shirt and accessories in the car. (Very glamorous, right?!)

Once we’re done with photos, my mom and I normally shop at the Summit (we’re already there right?!) – giving me more inspiration for future posts! We grab lunch and then head home.


On Sunday I love to go to Starbucks and plan out my content calendar using my photos. I don’t edit a ton; instead I just brighten the photos, crop out random people, and up the saturation. After all of this, I’m ready to post on Instagram and on my blog!

I hope this (super long) post was somewhat informative or at least fun to read!

What are your favorite photography routine tips and tricks? Let me know! 

xoxo, Cecilia

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