The Perfect Watch + a Giveaway (!!!)

If you’re anything like me, your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of a few things: delicious brunch, peonies, and wooden watches. I love all of these things as much as the next person, but I always wonder how practical they are. Who even has time for breakfast, much less for brunch? Who buys flowers (and keeps them alive?!) And who wears a wooden watch?

Turns out, I do. At least the last one… I’m still working on the first two! Watches are my absolute favorite accessory. Watches are practical and beautiful + they add a chic touch to my outfit… even when I feel anything but chic. And now, I think I’ve found my perfect watch.

I love the JORD watch because…

  • it’s super light even though it’s wooden. Super light = super comfy.
  • my watch color coordinates perfectly with my gold jewelry. Also with my Band-Aid, but we’re not gonna talk about that.
  • because it’s a larger face, the watch makes an impact. Meaning if I’m feeling lazy I can just wear the watch & still look polished.
  • your Instagram feed may be filled with these watches, but you probably haven’t seen that many in person. Don’t be surprised if at least five people ask you where it’s from. A day.
  • these watches would make the perfect gifts for women or men… My mom tried on my watch and literally said, “My birthday’s coming up soon…” She never outright says anything like that if that gives you a clue to how great it is.

If those reasons aren’t enough to convince you, I have a giveaway! The lucky winner of this giveaway will receive $100 off their own JORD watch. And as a consolation prize, anyone who enters will get $25 off. Enter here!

Have you ever tried a JORD watch before? Let me know your favorite + what you wear it with!

xoxo, Cecilia

Wooden Wrist Watch

Thanks to JORD for sending me this beautiful watch. As always, I only feature products I truly love on Sunny Side Cecilia & I hope you love them too!

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