How Taking a Blogging Break Boosts Creativity

I absolutely love blogging, but with all creative ventures, I also believe in the importance of taking a break. Life gets busy, you lose inspiration, the list goes on… There are a million reasons someone might take a blogging break, but today I’m going to share the reasons it can actually boost your creativity!

You have time to find inspiration and new ideas.

One of my favorite aspects of blogging is the planning. I’m 100% a planner by nature – when I was in fourth grade I would write full itineraries for sleepovers! So, I love keeping lists of my future posts. When I’m taking a blogging break, it feels like everywhere I look there’s new inspiration. I keep a list of fashion and lifestyle ideas in my bullet journal (another symptom of being a planner) and when I’m on a break, the list keeps growing.

You remember why you’re passionate about blogging – or you don’t. 

I have definitely taken breaks because I was tired of blogging, but every time I’ve found myself missing the process. Before I began my blog, I read an advice post that said you should only blog if you love the whole process… At the time, I didn’t understand but now I 100% agree!

When you take a blogging break you might return to blogging with a refreshing passion… Or, you might decide you’d rather not blog again & that’s okay! In my opinion, our days are too short to spend time on projects we’re not passionate about.

You’re able to live your life. 

For me, one of the biggest difficulties in blogging is balancing my life with the “job” aspects of the blog. Even when I’m not currently writing a post or planning my schedule, I need to like photos on Instagram and interact with other blogs – which I love! – but which also becomes stressful. By taking a full blogging break, you might change your priorities with your blog. For example, even with the algorithm change, I’ve been posting on Instagram (shameless plug!) at around the same time each night. This time has proven to be optimal for me, but it also means I might miss out on real life. I don’t want to step away from my friends just to post a picture! So, after this blogging break I’ve decided I’m going to post on Instagram when I have time; I’m not going to make time to post on Instagram.

You can create relatable content.

I love reading other bloggers, but one thing I’ve found is that I don’t necessarily read a post because I want to know how to style an outfit, I read it because I love the blogger’s voice. When bloggers share fun little anecdotes and stories, I feel like I know them on a more personal level! When you don’t focus on living a life for little squares on a screen, you become more authentic and so much more relatable.

I hope this post was helpful in some way, especially if you’re a blogger looking for ways to find inspiration! By the way… I haven’t blogged for the past month because of how busy the first month of school always is BUT I’m back and ready to share more fun content!

xoxo, Cecilia

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