Amping Up a White Tee with Rocksbox

A few fun facts about me: My mom jokes because every time we go shopping, I make a beeline for the jewelry. I own way more rings than I actually wear. My favorite part of any store is the sale section. And, just like everyone else, I love getting mail. And, because of all of these… I love Rocksbox.

I’ve seen the boxes a million times on Instagram (hello, cute blogger blankets & beautiful marble backgrounds!!) but never really got it. When Rocksbox reached out to me for a collaboration, it finally clicked in my head… Lightbulb included. Basically, it’s a $21/month designer jewelry rental service. So, you receive 3 pieces (based on your personal preferences) and you can wear them as much as you want until you return them. Once you return them, you get another set of pieces! Plus, you receive $21 off any piece in your box… aka clearance… aka my love.

p.s. peep that cute little watch! a giveaway for $100 off your own is still going on here

If you know me at all, you know I love a good old white shirt and jeans combo. But… sometimes I feel a little less “fashion blogger” and a little more “lazy” when it’s all I wear. My favorite way to amp up a simple tee is to add jewelry. And, because of Rocksbox, I can change up my jewelry.

If you’ve been curious to try out Rocksbox, use code “sunnysidececiliaxoxo” for one month free! This would be the perfect way to try it out if you weren’t sure of what to expect… hopefully you’ll fall in love like I did!

xoxo, Cecilia


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  1. I love how the necklace goes with your outfit. It’s super cute!! I have tried Rocksbox before as well and I always love getting new jewelry products to kind of refresh my wardrobe.

    Samara |

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