Five Reasons I’m Smiling

Hey there! It has been so long since I’ve been able to write a blog post. I finally have an hour to sit down, so today I wanted to give a little update on life! And of course I love sharing reasons I’m smiling, so I thought I’d combine the two.

  1. Sorority pre-recruitment and recruitment. The reason I’ve been so busy the past week or two is because I’ve been in Auburn, preparing for Panhellenic recruitment. I’m a rising sophomore in a sorority, and I didn’t know what being on the other side would be like. So far I have had so much fun with my friends! Of course the days are exhaustingly busy & I have a 4:00 alarm (4:00! That’s crazy!) but it’s all worth it.
  2. My apartment. This year I am living off campus with one of my best friends in the cutest apartment. I haven’t had any time to unpack, but I took a few minutes to begin decorating! I love my room so far and can’t wait to truly organize… Of course there will be pictures and maybe an Instagram story tour. I know my decor will always be evolving (just like it did last year in my dorm) but I really want to set it up enough to feel like home.
  3. Cute accessories. I’m still obsessed with the watch I shared last week (that you can win here!) Plus, I’ve been loving my Rocksbox (use code sunnysidececiliaxoxo for one month free) set. I’d always heard of Rocksbox but had no idea what it was, but I’m so glad I found it. I have a post in the works styling my accessories… but I may need to wait until recruitment ends!
  4. Friends reruns. I love Friends more than anything, and the obsession is growing. My roommate isn’t in Auburn yet so the apartment has been empty… which is fine because I turn on Friends and feel like I’m at home! I can’t wait until classes begin and I’m too busy to watch mindless TV, but for now it has been so relaxing to have an episode on in the background.
  5. Auburn. I’m about to say the most cliche thing ever, but it’s true… Auburn feels like home! This summer back in Birmingham was amazing and fun, but driving up to Auburn last week felt so refreshing because I felt like I was coming back home. I’m so grateful to have found a school that feels that way for me. I know I’m lucky to feel like Auburn and Birmingham are both my homes, but every time I go to one I miss the other!

Hopefully this little update on life was fun to read! I have so many posts in the works, and as soon as classes begin I’ll sit down (iced vanilla coffee in hand) and start writing.

xoxo, Cecilia

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