Styling a Felt Hat

I’m not a hat person… Or, let me clarify. I wasn’t a hat person. Until I saw this hat for $5 (!!) in Target and fell in love. So, today I’m sharing a few of my tips for styling a felt hat!

I wanted to keep the look simple, with the hat being the statement, but I didn’t want to make the rest of the outfit boring. It would have been easy (and cute!) to pair the hat with a plain sweater and called it a day. But… as I was packing for Thanksgiving, I saw my Rocksbox box and specifically, this necklace. I immediately paired the two together, and as always, asked my mom for her opinion. She’s obsessed with this necklace ((and if you are too, don’t forget to use my┬áRocksbox code “sunnysidececiliaxoxo” for your first month with Rocksbox free! I explained how Rocksbox works in my most recent post))

For me, the key to styling a felt hat is adding layers. It doesn’t get too chilly in Alabama, but I still want to dress up for the season! Layers are perfect for this – I start with jeans, ankle boots and a comfortable sweater for autumn. Then, as it gets colder, I can add a thicker jacket and tall boots.

So, are you a hat person?! I’m definitely becoming one – they are perfect for days when I don’t feel like doing my hair… aka every day. Plus, they add so much character to an outfit without having to try.

xoxo, Cecilia

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