Keeping Warm While Staying Cute

Finals are officially over (!!) and we have only a week until Christmas! I can’t wait for everything this break will bring. From decorating the tree with my family to spending time with friends, I know it will be so fun. I’m not the hugest fan of cold weather (I’m much more of an Autumn person) but some of my favorite things come in the winter. Holiday Starbucks drinks (caramel brûlée lattes forever), major sales, and of course, winter layers. So, today I’m sharing my tips for keeping warm while staying cute!

Of course, these tips are nothing new – the key to keeping warm while staying cute is layers, layers, layers!

I bought this jacket and I have already worn it so many different ways. To class, I wear it over a comfy t-shirt and leggings. Today, I wanted to dress it up just a little bit more. I wore it with a thin sweater underneath, but the jacket is large enough that you could add a thicker sweater for even more warmth.

Blanket scarves are the absolute best tip for keeping warm while staying cute. They add color to an outfit and they are so insanely warm. I always pull out my scarves when it starts getting colder because for me, they are the perfect winter accessory. I’ll share some of my favorite scarves for under $25 below (sorry if these prices go up after Christmas!) I picked up my scarf in the Target dollar section for only $7 and I am obsessed with it.

By the way, if you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift or you have a Secret Santa, I always think scarves are a good way to go. Candles, lotions, scarves… all foolproof in my opinion!

I hope you have an amazing holiday season – full of good food and not too much traffic or stress.

xoxo, Cecilia

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