Holiday Traditions

I hope you had an amazing Christmas yesterday with your family & friends! Mine was relaxing and full of good food and good times. I’m on the way to the beach with my family so I decided to share my family’s holiday traditions in today’s post! I love hearing about people’s holiday traditions – it’s always such a fun glimpse into their lives.

Christmas Eve

Because Christmas Eve was a Sunday this year, my family celebrated a little bit differently! We went to Mass at 7AM, then we ate out together for lunch. We went to Mass (again!) at 6PM for the typical Christmas service. After Mass we drove around our neighborhood listening to Christmas music and looking at decorations.

At home that night, we watched a few of our favorite Christmas movies – A Christmas Story and The Santa Clause – while drinking my dad’s homemade hot chocolate. ((Speaking of Christmas movies, what’s your favorite?! My go-to is always Elf!)) Dinner that night was small appetizers so we could save room for lunch the next day!

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, my brothers and I woke up early to go downstairs and open presents with my parents. Around lunchtime, my aunts and uncles came over and we celebrated with the classic Christmas dinner of turkey and ham. It was so nice to spend time with my aunts and uncles, especially the ones I see less often. Of course, I had to end the day with a post-food nap!

New Years’ Eve

One of our most unique traditions is heading to the beach after Christmas! It’s always freezing outside, but we spend plenty of time together at the indoor pools and at different restaurants. Normally we’re at the beach for New Year’s Eve but this year we will be back just in time for me to celebrate with my friends. I’m so excited to ring in the new year with the people I love.

So, what are your holiday traditions?! I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

xoxo, Cecilia

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