2017 Favorites

The year is almost over… can you believe it?! This year (like every other) has absolutely flown by. Today I wanted to share a bit of a wrap-up post. I’m sharing all of my 2017 favorites, from my favorite posts to my on-repeat music recommendations.

Favorite Posts

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Favorite Music

This year, I made the decision to (finally) pay for Apple Music… and I’m so glad I did. I definitely get into music moods ranging from rap to indie acoustic songs, so Apple Music is perfect. I’m going to share some of my favorite artists that I obsessed over this year. I listened to a bunch of artists, but now I’m only sharing those who have albums I can listen to on repeat!

  1. Logic: I became obsessed with the rapper Logic this year and could listen to his music on repeat. After finals week this year I got to go to the Jingle Ball Jam with one of my best friends (hi Hannah!) and seeing him live was a highlight of my year.
  2. Taylor Swift: I know “reputation” is divisive… and I’m definitely on the side that loves it. Other than Look What You Made Me Do, I love every single song. Her lyrics capture so many of my moods and I can jam to her music with another one of my best friends (hey Abby!) forever.
  3. John Mayer: I’ve always liked John Mayer, and “The Search for Everything” became one of my most-played albums when it came out. The songs are acoustic and so amazing to listen to while doing homework, or driving on a sunny day. Really, they fit any mood.
  4. BORNS: I listened to BORNS all the time senior year of high school, and again in freshman year of college. For the second semester of freshman year (can’t believe that was 2017!) I would put in my headphones and listen to him while walking to my dorm. Such a specific memory, but I love that music brings me back to those moments!
  5. Khalid: Khalid is another artist I could have on repeat. His voice is so beautiful, and each song is the perfect blend of moody and catchy, with relatable lyrics.

Favorite Clothing Items + Accessories

Obviously, this is a fashion blog… and what’s a fashion blog wrap-up without sharing my favorite pieces?

  1. Gray suede ankle boots: These are my go-to shoes (other than tennis shoes, of course). I wear these all the time, with dresses or with jeans. They’re so comfortable and, in my opinion, incredibly chic.
  2. Green jeans: Okay, I just bought these a month ago, so maybe they shouldn’t be in my yearly wrap-up post. But… I’m already in love. Enough said.
  3. Basic tops: I shared my love of basic tops in this post and (somewhat) unfortunately, that love hasn’t changed. Maybe 2018 will be the year I finally change my looks up?

So, what were your favorites of the year? Did you read a book that quickly became your favorite or a song that was stuck in your head? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Cecilia

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