Pops of Color

Sometimes you see a completely (un)practical, bright mint purse, and you have to have it. Even though neutrals are your friend. And even though you don’t actually use purses that often. But it doesn’t matter, because the purse speaks to you.

I bought this bag two years ago at Target ((on sale, of course)) and since then I’ve only used it a few times. Obviously, that needed to change. So, today I’m sharing how I style pops of color… in case this may have happened to you too.

First, I start with a classic summer outfit: white shirt, jean shorts, sandals. Repeat, every day. This is the perfect base for any style. Then, I add my pops of color. In this case, the perfect mint bag and a fun pair of pink earrings. I love the way these colors look together – so summery and bright! This outfit base is the perfect way to pair accessories you may not have thought to. Because the outfit is basic, adding jewelry, belts, etc. will enhance the outfit without being too busy. I like to stick to two “big” accessories – my bag & earrings, a fun necklace & bracelet stack, etc.

So, there you have it. The easiest formula for styling pops of color… Now please go buy a bright color bag for summer and thank me later.

Also, totally unrelated… but I turn nineteen tomorrow. Time flies by when you’re having fun & I absolutely cannot believe this is my last year as a teenager. The number one item on my birthday bucket list  ((everyone does that, right? no?)) is to slow down and enjoy it. So I will. And I’ll also slow down and say thank you. This is my second birthday on the blog & I’m so glad to celebrate it in a space I love so much. 

xoxo, Cecilia

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